What I’ve Learnt From Having A WordPress Blog

I’ve been on WordPress for almost four years now and I have been lucky to meet so many amazing people, read so much great content and find so many new friends here. Here are some important things that I’ve picked up over the last four years of blogging:

1. You need to appreciate the blogging community- The blogging community is a unique and amazing community. The people here have been so inclusive, helpful and supportive and as a blogger you need to appreciate that. It’s like one big family that always supports you and you should try to do the same as much as possible.

2. Haters gonna hate- Even though as I mentioned earlier it’s a family but a big  family does tend to always have a couple of haters and much like that WordPress does have some haters who are going to try to put you down, insult your content and leave hate comments. Unfortunately, all you can do is block or ignore them but don’t let it get you down. The love is way more than the hate.

3. Content is more important than likes/follows– Having content that your followers enjoy reading is much more important then the amount of likes or follows you get. Be true to your blog and don’t sell out. If your content is good you will get genuine likes and follows anyway.

4. It’s a two way street- WordPress is very much a two way street. If you want your content to get likes, comments, shares and follows you are going to have to also be active on other peoples blogs. You can’t sit around and expect not to put any effort into growing your blog but still grow your blog. It takes a lot more effort than people usually expect but it’s also very worth it.

I want say thank you to Linda from lindaraesrambling for this collaboration. It was great getting to know you and your blog better and it was super fun working together.

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I love this post! Thank you for collaborating with my blog, Pooja.


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This is me. I'm 70 years old and live in southern California. I retired from customer service several years ago and have now been blogging, starting a jewelry business, starting a make-up business, and I have a couple of other businesses. All of this has been since the beginning of the year. I just found out that this is "Shiny object syndrome" and I have had it bad. But I learn by doing so I'm going to have everything in one place now.

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