Information Overload?

Well, last month is a blur in some ways and vivid in others. I was on jury duty for three weeks and felt like it would never end. But, it did. Yay! During that time I had several things I was working on pertaining to social media marketing. I learned about Instagram on Udemy and received a certificate. I also started following several more entrepreneurs on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Plus, I’m learning about Facebook Ads.

My Facebook Ad

The Facebook Analytics shows things like who has seen the ad and the peak times the ad was viewed. As you can see, the best times are around 6:30 am and noon. And then again at 6 pm. The ad is targeted to women between the ages of 15-65+. The chart tells us that the women most interested are between the ages of 35 and 54.

Why do we need this information? Because, the next ad we make can be set for the highest target areas of age and time. Now that we know this information, we can find out the location of those women reached. All of this brings our online business the people most interested in what we have to offer.

In conjunction with this, I am taking a long course that is helping me focus on what is the most important direction for my business. It is very interesting to find out what I really want by asking some very direct questions. I’m not the only person that needed this type of course. Others that are in the class belong to a Facebook Group. We compared our progress and found that many of us changed our main focus.

Is all of this information overload? At first I was feeling like it was. But now I am sure it is just the process for being successful in online marketing.

This is my business

I’m enjoying going through this learning process. How about you? Do you have experience you would like to share? I am looking for someone who wants to collaborate on this blog. Please comment if you are interested. Thank you all for following Linda Rae’s Ramblings. I’ll be back soon with more information about social media marketing.