Let’s go back to Facebook. The reason we love Facebook is that we can be in touch with people easier.  Also, to make new friends. We get to see pictures of family and friends and share ours. There is an instant attraction when we can see the person. So, this holds true for all interactions on Facebook and other social media.

I just met a woman who is in business with Norwex products. The products are amazing but she is more wonderful. She has children and a husband and incorporates the family in her videos for parties. The parties are virtual and the hosts get lots of prizes. This way of marketing is not new but is more powerful than many people know.

So, get a Facebook account for your business. Start asking your friends to have parties. Explain to them that they will get prizes and discounts the more they sell. This way they will be likely to invite lots of friends. Then go to the search in Facebook and search the items you sell or items that can be used in conjunction with them. Go visit them and see if someone might want to collaborate on a couple of parties in order for both of you to gain more members for your groups. Also, so you can both sell more.

One thing about Facebook is that people are friendly and because of this we always need to be genuine and get to know our friends as much as possible. This means that we are interacting with posts and keeping up with their lives.

Here ar some pictures from Kristina King’s Business Facebook Group.

And a Birthday club is always appreciated.

If you are interested in Kristina’s business or giving a party for her on Facebook, here is her link. https://kking.norwex.biz/
This would be a great way to use Social Media Marketing.


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