Information Overload?

Well, last month is a blur in some ways and vivid in others. I was on jury duty for three weeks and felt like it would never end. But, it did. Yay! During that time I had several things I was working on pertaining to social media marketing. I learned about Instagram on Udemy and received a certificate. I also started following several more entrepreneurs on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Plus, I’m learning about Facebook Ads.

My Facebook Ad

The Facebook Analytics shows things like who has seen the ad and the peak times the ad was viewed. As you can see, the best times are around 6:30 am and noon. And then again at 6 pm. The ad is targeted to women between the ages of 15-65+. The chart tells us that the women most interested are between the ages of 35 and 54.

Why do we need this information? Because, the next ad we make can be set for the highest target areas of age and time. Now that we know this information, we can find out the location of those women reached. All of this brings our online business the people most interested in what we have to offer.

In conjunction with this, I am taking a long course that is helping me focus on what is the most important direction for my business. It is very interesting to find out what I really want by asking some very direct questions. I’m not the only person that needed this type of course. Others that are in the class belong to a Facebook Group. We compared our progress and found that many of us changed our main focus.

Is all of this information overload? At first I was feeling like it was. But now I am sure it is just the process for being successful in online marketing.

This is my business

I’m enjoying going through this learning process. How about you? Do you have experience you would like to share? I am looking for someone who wants to collaborate on this blog. Please comment if you are interested. Thank you all for following Linda Rae’s Ramblings. I’ll be back soon with more information about social media marketing.


Back to Facebook

Let’s go back to Facebook. The reason we love Facebook is that we can be in touch with people easier.  Also, to make new friends. We get to see pictures of family and friends and share ours. There is an instant attraction when we can see the person. So, this holds true for all interactions on Facebook and other social media.

I just met a woman who is in business with Norwex products. The products are amazing but she is more wonderful. She has children and a husband and incorporates the family in her videos for parties. The parties are virtual and the hosts get lots of prizes. This way of marketing is not new but is more powerful than many people know.

So, get a Facebook account for your business. Start asking your friends to have parties. Explain to them that they will get prizes and discounts the more they sell. This way they will be likely to invite lots of friends. Then go to the search in Facebook and search the items you sell or items that can be used in conjunction with them. Go visit them and see if someone might want to collaborate on a couple of parties in order for both of you to gain more members for your groups. Also, so you can both sell more.

One thing about Facebook is that people are friendly and because of this we always need to be genuine and get to know our friends as much as possible. This means that we are interacting with posts and keeping up with their lives.

Here ar some pictures from Kristina King’s Business Facebook Group.

And a Birthday club is always appreciated.

If you are interested in Kristina’s business or giving a party for her on Facebook, here is her link.
This would be a great way to use Social Media Marketing.

YouTube for Social Media Marketing

Think about how fun it is to watch a short video with interesting colors and antics.  YouTube is so popular and fun.  It is perfect for displaying your products. You will need to get a Channel for that. You can be in your videos or have interesting videos of your subject. It’s up to you.

There is a way to make money by making your own videos or making a compilation of someone else’s videos (you must show credit for the maker of the original video. I just found out that 5 Minute Crafts makes these compilations.  They have a huge following and I am one of their subscribers. Here is a link to a video.

 It is mind-boggling to think of all the possibilities pertaining to this particular social media platform in regard to marketing. Just like all other social media, you can make money on YouTube as well. When your channel gets lots of subscribers you will get paid and you can advertise to make money.

I don’t know about you, but I think of YouTube as the how to place. It’s my go-to place when I need information on how to play a game or fix something around the house. Do you have experience in an area that people need help with? Think about making videos teaching what you know.

If you have a YouTube channel, please let me know in the comments and leave your link so we can visit. If you have questions about this blog, leave a comment so I can answer. And, if you would like to contribute to this blog by collaborating, please let me know.

Thank you for reading this blog and I will have more about Social Media Marketing next time. 🌞🌺🌸