Instagram is Great

Here we are and it’s time to show you something about Instagram. This is so much fun and I know you will love it too.

First of all, the pictures are beautiful and everything is so different. As you may know, I’m an older woman and thought Instagram was only for young people. Wrong, wrong, wrong! Just like life and the internet, it’s for everyone. Check out my Instagram page here.

Did you know that Instagram has a video platform called IGTV? It is very addicting. Also, it is a great way to get people to see who you are and to want to follow you. Which in turn grows your audience. Then more customers will click the links to your websites.

This is the best thing about social media, having the ability to have your website link everywhere. Right now I think πŸ’­ Instagram is so fantastic! Try it if you haven’t and see for yourself.

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On A Side Note

I have been learning so much about social media and the ways it helps with marketing. There are many reasons to have a web page with links to your social media. The first and most important reason is that by doing so we make a connection with our visitors in a more personal way.

So, all of the social media sites that are linked on the website must be professional and show who is behind the website. Be yourself and let your followers know you. Use lots of pictures and stories. Interact with as many people as possible by liking their content and commenting. In other words be friendly. Something great might happen, you could make a new friend.