The first thing that made me interested in social media networking for sales was a makeup company that my sister sells for. The company is Younique. They are people that care so much that they have a foundation to help women who have been sexually abused. This problem has been of great importance to me and my sister.  This link goes directly to their foundation,  Giving to help women learn their worth and beauty.

This link will take you directly to my Pinterest boards,  The variety and beauty that are available in this social media is nothing less than amazing.  If I start looking at all of the pictures there on my Home page, it will be hours before I want to stop. 

Pinterest and sales don’t seem to go together. And I had never thought of Pinterest as a way of helping to get the word out about a product until I started searching for information about make-up. Make-up and make-up tips came up and then I found Younique. And in my searching I found great direct sales advice. Things I have never found anywhere else, This advice is everywhere but not as easy to find. Pinterest is great because it is very organized much like an artist’s morgue.

What do you like about social media sales?