Instagram is Great

Here we are and it’s time to show you something about Instagram. This is so much fun and I know you will love it too.

First of all, the pictures are beautiful and everything is so different. As you may know, I’m an older woman and thought Instagram was only for young people. Wrong, wrong, wrong! Just like life and the internet, it’s for everyone. Check out my Instagram page here.

Did you know that Instagram has a video platform called IGTV? It is very addicting. Also, it is a great way to get people to see who you are and to want to follow you. Which in turn grows your audience. Then more customers will click the links to your websites.

This is the best thing about social media, having the ability to have your website link everywhere. Right now I think 💭 Instagram is so fantastic! Try it if you haven’t and see for yourself.

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On A Side Note

I have been learning so much about social media and the ways it helps with marketing. There are many reasons to have a web page with links to your social media. The first and most important reason is that by doing so we make a connection with our visitors in a more personal way.

So, all of the social media sites that are linked on the website must be professional and show who is behind the website. Be yourself and let your followers know you. Use lots of pictures and stories. Interact with as many people as possible by liking their content and commenting. In other words be friendly. Something great might happen, you could make a new friend.

This is me

I’m with my son, Dominic, in this picture.

I am a blogger learning about social media marketing.  The main theme is to be able to make relationships with people.  Also, help solve a problem your friends have. 

This is the link to my blog  I’m on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  My blog is on WordPress.

Some People I Follow

I’m sure you have favorite people that you follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. So do I. The first person I am going to tell you about is Gillian Perkins. I found her on YouTube when I started this blog. She is a very wise young lady. Her videos are about living, entrepreneurship and success. She teaches about starting a business, making money with a blog and posting on social media. And she helps everyone who watches her YouTube videos to learn how she makes money on YouTube. Go and watch her so you can get her wisdom too.

The next person I follow is Afra. Her blog is at She teaches about making money with a blog and getting your blog more visitors through social media. She put a couple of her blog posts on Pinterest and I read them. Then I started to follow her. And now I am in a group she runs on Facebook. Cool. Right?

The next two people that I follow are family. My sister Patty Lee and her daughter Crystal. My sister and I sell cosmetics and my niece sells Lularoe. They both do live presentations on Facebook to show the newest items. It’s fun to watch them and sometimes I buy something from my niece.

Now back to YouTube, I just started watching “The Sunny Show”. She teaches how to have a YouTube channel and get subscribers.

And another person on YouTube is T Bone who teaches about a game I like called Legendary Game of Heroes.

There are shows about life hacks that are interesting and I always watch the How-to videos if I have a new gadget or need help with repairs around the house.

I said all of this to show you that everyone can use social media for sales. Looking back at the people I follow and what they do to help their community helps me understand that we can all find a way to help others on social media and make money at the same time.

If you have tried some of these things, let me know what you tried and how it worked for you.

More About Facebook

These are closed groups that my sister and niece have on Facebook. They both do live videos to sell their products in these groups.  The groups are private and only the administrators can admit someone in.  The members have exclusive access to the live videos. This affords first pick of the products shown.

The reason this is so appealing to potential customers is not only because they are invited into a private group but also because they can see the person who is selling the products.

Facebook for Marketing

This is a huge subject so we will take it apart.  We all know that Facebook is the most familiar social media.  It is great for keeping in touch with family and friends and to play games with many other gamers on Facebook.  It is a great platform for all of our personal relationships.  But there are other things we can do. We can use it to invite people to events, to set up a group page and have a business page.  The blogs we post can be sent to our personal page and our other pages.

One of the ways to use a group for a business is to set it up for invited potential customers only. This way you can be pretty sure they are interested in your business. Some of these groups have games and live videos. It is a great way to build a relationship with people interested in what you have to offer. Speaking of live videos, this is the best way to catch your audience’s attention. It is why we see so many videos on all social media. People love them and when they see someone they know it is even more attractive. So think about it. You might find live videos to be the best way to start that relationship with your customers.

There is one important thought to keep in mind. Always keep interacting with those that show interest. If someone asks about something you are showing on a video, personal message (PM) them. You may find this the best way to close the sale.

That’s all for now. Go try these ideas. Next time I will have more about Facebook.

Exploring Twitter for Marketing

Twitter is a very popular social networking tool. We re tweet the articles the president to be so vocal and public on Twitter. Now I think everyone knows about Twitter ads, but did you know that you can re share your blog on Twitter and increase your number of readers? This is a free way to advertise your blog. And Twitter allows it as long as you stay within their teat are meaningful to us. We want to share these thoughts with others. Even President Trump uses Twitter. I believe he is the first president to be so vocal and public on Twitter.

Now I think everyone knows about Twitter ads, but did you know that you can re share your blog on Twitter and increase your number of readers? This is a free way to advertise your blog. And Twitter allows it as long as you stay within their terms of service.

How fantastic is that?! We are able to have our voice heard by even more people.

My Twitter profile page

Now, why is it so important that we bloggers get so many people to read our blog and ultimately to follow us? Because we can then begin to put ads on our blog in order to make some money. This also helps the advertisers get new potential customers.

So, I hope this will help you to share your blog on Twitter.

YouTube for Social Media Marketing

Think about how fun it is to watch a short video with interesting colors and antics.  YouTube is so popular and fun.  It is perfect for displaying your products. You will need to get a Channel for that.  I don’t have one yet. 

There is a way to make money by making your own videos or making a compilation of someone else’s videos (you must show credit for the maker of the original video).

 I just found out that 5 Minute Crafts makes these compilations.  They have a huge following and I am one of their subscribers. Here is a link to a video.

 It is mind-boggling to think of all the possibilities pertaining to this particular social media platform in regard to marketing.

What can be found on Pinterest?

The first thing that made me interested in social media networking for sales was a makeup company that my sister sells for. The company is Younique. They are people that care so much that they have a foundation to help women who have been sexually abused. This problem has been of great importance to me and my sister.  This link goes directly to their foundation,  Giving to help women learn their worth and beauty.

This link will take you directly to my Pinterest boards,  The variety and beauty that are available in this social media is nothing less than amazing.  If I start looking at all of the pictures there on my Home page, it will be hours before I want to stop. 

Pinterest and sales don’t seem to go together. And I had never thought of Pinterest as a way of helping to get the word out about a product until I started searching for information about make-up. Make-up and make-up tips came up and then I found Younique. And in my searching I found great direct sales advice. Things I have never found anywhere else, This advice is everywhere but not as easy to find. Pinterest is great because it is very organized much like an artist’s morgue.

What do you like about social media sales?